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Multi Stage Pumps

Type :MM / MMP / MMS / HPB

Operating Range

Q   to  1000 m3/h
H   to  650 M
T   to  1400 C


Maxflow Multistage Pumps are single suction, radially split, horizontal shaft design high pressure pumps. These pumps are manufactured as compact design unit built up from a number of stages held together by tie bolts along with suction and discharge branches. Latest casting techniques ensure smoothness of hydraulic passages resulting in high efficiency and reliability under arduous conditions. The delivery flange is vertical & suction flange can be oriented towards left or right when viewed from drive end. Enclosed Impellers of radial flow type are provided with balancing holes for balancing the hydraulic axial thrust. Rotating elements are statically & dynamically balanced. In MMS and HPB version of this design, pumps are provided with inbuilt Hydraulic Balancing Device for balancing axial thrust. High tensile steel shaft, accurately machined & ground, is supported by antifriction bearings, which takes residual axial and radial thrust. The shaft is protected by shaft sleeve from wear in stuffing box area. The stuffing box can be sealed by gland packing or mechanical seal. While pumping high temperature liquids from 90-140 deg C, cooling jacket is provided for stuffing box.

Material of construction

Depending upon temperature and chemical properties of liquid and pressure achieved, casings are made of cast iron, cast steel or acid resistant stainless steel. Material for impellers and shafts can be provided as per required specifications.


General water supply -Mine dewatering -Water supply to high rise buildings -Fire fighting -Sprinkler Irrigation -Boiler feed -Booster plants


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