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Vertical Sump Pumps

Type : RBV / SMP / VCL

Operating Range

Q   to  700 m3/h
H   to  140 M
T   to  800 C


Maxflow Vertical Sump Pumps are vertically suspended , single stage pumps with closed or open impeller for wet pit or dry pit applications. The pump is driven by a flanged motor through a well designed drive shaft assembly built in segments coupled together and supported in a column pipe with spiders spaced not more than 1.5 metres apart. Each spider is provided for lubrication which can be arranged for self liquid, external sealing with water, oil or grease Vertical load is supported on motor stool provided with thrust bearings. Delivery pipe runs parallel to the column pipe and these pumps can be installed on sumps upto 6 meter deep. The pump requires no priming and can be arranged for automatic start and stop operation between specified levels.

Material of construction

Depending upon temperature and chemical properties of liquid being pumped and pressure achieved, casings are made of cast iron, cast steel or acid resistant stainless steel. Material for impellers and shafts can be provided as per required specifications.


Pumping of clean, turbid or slightly contaminated liquids against medium and low heads in water works -Sewage -Irrigation and drainage


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